USA-IRAN. Luca Negro (FCEI): “Do not mention the name of God in vain”

"The God we believe in is the God who  “makes war cease to the ends of the earth;  breaks the bows, shatters the spears, burns the shields with fire" (Psalm 46, 9)"

Rome (NEV), January 11, 2020 – “We cannot abuse God’s name and blaspheme his name by recruiting him in a war that is only of men who try to assert their power”. This was stated by the president of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy, pastor Luca Maria Negro, reacting to  several statements of the White House and of the Secretary of the State Department, which justify the US military action against Iran with reasons that would have their root in the Bible and in the Old Testament prophecies. “Using the Bible or any other sacred book to justify military action is not legitimate even in the name of a literalist interpretation of the text – continued Negro -. To reach the conclusion that it is God who calls us to war is downright blasphemous and cannot be justified because it has happened so many times throughout history. There is always a time to convert, to destroy swords and turn them into plows in a peaceful world. And for us Christians today, who have witnessed the war massacre of the last century, that time is now. For this – stated FCEI president finally –  we express our ecumenical solidarity with the churches and communities of faith that are mobilizing all over the world to stop the escalation of the clash between the US and Iran. Together with them we reiterate that the God we believe in is the God who “makes wars cease to the end of the Earth; breaks the bows, shatters the spears, burns the shields with fire” (Psalm 46, 9)”.