Ecumene becomes an Eco-Community

The Methodist Church Study Center received the Eco-Community Certificate from the Globalization and Environment Commission of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy

Rome (NEV), August 21, 2020 – On August 16, the Methodist Evangelical Center for Studies, Community Life and Worship, Ecumene, in Velletri, received the Certificate of Eco-Community from the Globalization and Environment Commission (GLAM) of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI).
The acknowledgement is part of the strategies that GLAM proposes to communities of faith to foster the theological reflection, the spirituality of creatures among creatures, and to lighten their activities’ impact on the environment.
The “Eco-Community Certificate” involves communities, and also individual families, offices and churches, to eco-friendly behaviors that reduce the ecological footprint through daily choices, awareness and theological reflection on the issue.
GLAM proposes 40 points for action which include the responsible behavior in purchases, the use of ecological products, the correct use of energy, water, transport, paper, waste management, the choice of preaching and catechism themes that lead to reflect on environmental issues.
GLAM also proposes that at least one liturgical celebration per year be held in the open air.
Finally, an interesting section to become an “ecological-community” concerns administrative management, where one undertakes to move one’s bank account to ethical institutes.
“Ecumene is a very advanced community with a strong environmental sensitivity – said Maria Elena Lacquaniti, member of GLAM, who delivered the certification -. They are renovating the buildings with a view to energy autonomy that is expected to be reached soon, they collect rainwater for the orchard and the garden and, from the point of view of nutrition, they are committed to locally sourced purchases, where possible. From now on, the Study Center has decided to favor studies and trainings on issues relating to environmental sustainability and globalization”.
Ecumene was built, starting from 1954, with the help of the voluntary work of young people who came from all over the world belonging to different Christian confessions, under the jurisdiction of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Italy, as a sign and testimony of the unity of the Church of Jesus Christ.
It is a place of meeting and study and wants to be the point of reference for all those who identify in the action for reconciliation, peace and justice between peoples and individuals, the witness that churches are called to bear.