Sunday schools. Luca Maria Negro: “Reconsider the testimony of faith”

Several proposals emerged from the zoom meeting on "Sunday schools", organized by the Education and Training Service of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy

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Rome (NEV), September 26, 2020 – Pastor Luca Maria Negro, president of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI), introduced the meeting “How to do Sunday school in COVID times” organized last Friday by the Education and Training Service (SIE) of the FCEI, with its magazine “The Sunday School”, the weekly “Riforma” and the periodical “L’Amico dei fanciulli”. President Negro emphasized the collaboration between the magazines and their commitment to training. In particular, in the context of the Covid-19 emergency, it is important to “reconsider the forms of our witness of faith to the youngest, but not only”.
“In a difficult time conditioned by the pandemic – commented Gian Mario Gillio, coordinator of the SIE, at the end of the works – we considered it important, together with Ulrike Jourdan and Dafne Marzoli (operators of SIE), to dedicate a time of meeting and training for ‘professionals’. An enlarged editorial staff with experts and interested parties, necessary to bring out the positive experiences – good practices – adopted in the pandemic times by monitors, and also to share the difficulties that emerged during the lockdown. A sincere, passionate, technical debate – thanks to the notions provided on the subject of safety – to look to the near future, when we will return to work in presence”.
The webinar was attended by about 100 people from all over Italy, including representatives of the Baptist, Methodist, Waldensian churches, Salvation Army, Adventists, Bretheren churches.