Ecumenism, churches in the pandemic. On Google Meet with Luca Maria Negro

Rome (NEV),  December 5, 2020 – On December 4, Luca Maria Negro, Baptist pastor and president of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy (FCEI), participated in the first of the two ecumenical dialogue foreseen by the Secretariat for Ecumenical Activities (SAE), Roman group. The event was held on the Google MEET platform.

“It was a conversation about the life of the churches at the time of Covid–19 – said President Negro to the NEV agency -. A reflection on how to keep community ties alive using only social media. It is more difficult to cultivate ecumenical relations, given that there are still no instruments of permanent connection, such as the project of the working group of Christian churches in Italy”.

The second rendez-vous will be next Wednesday 9 December and will see the presence of Don Giuliano Savina, Director of the National office for Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue (UNEDI) of the Italian Bishops Conference (CEI).

Here is the link for the connection of the meeting to be held on Wednesday December 9, from 6 to7 p.m.:

To be invited: Ecumenismo, chiese nel tempo della pandemia