A new center of legal aid, in Naples, for the rights of migrants

The initiative, organized by the social cooperative Dedalus, was officially presented on March 22 in the online seminar “Synergies. The legal and the social fields to guarantee rights and opportunities". The participation of the Waldensian pastor Thesie Mueller

Rome (NEV), March 27, 2021 – A juridical center is born in Naples for complex cases to provide legal support for foreign citizens in particularly vulnerable conditions. Dedalus, a social cooperative based in the Campania capital, active over the last 40 years in the field of research, design and management of social services, promotes “Il Punto – Pole of legal coordination for the promotion of the rights of foreign citizens”. The presentation of the project took place on March 22, at 10 am, in the online seminar entitled “Synergies. The legal and the social fields to guarantee rights and opportunities”, organized in the aftermath of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination of 21 March. Elena de Filippo, president of Dedalus and sociologist expert in migration issues, introduced the works.  Among the participants, there was  pastor Thesie Mueller, on behalf of the Waldensian Board which finances the project through the Eight per thousand funds, for an amount of 32 thousand euros. The goal, as stated in the launch note of the initiative, is “to create the conditions to maximize the access to rights and the likelihood of successful completion of the legal process for the regularity of the stay in Italy; it also has the ambition to become a territorial reference for the dissemination to a wide audience of the new regulations and the main application practices. Not, therefore, a simple legal help desk to support migrant citizens, but a tool for their full integration into society, able to untangle the intricacies of procedures”. The team – composed of a supervisor, a legal assistant, a contact person for the taking in charge, a communicator and various linguistic and cultural mediators and experts – will operate on three fronts: the information offer and the legal orientation to the people and to the operators who support them; the updating and supervision of the service operators who deal with the legal aspects of the inclusion paths of recipients; the dissemination to a wider public of the new regulations and the main application practices at local and national level.

Over the last 20 years, Dedalus  offered legal consultancy services to victims of trafficking and exploitation and to irregular foreign women victims of domestic violence; in the field of the protection of  foreign minors, in addition to providing legal advice related to the issuance of the residence permit for unaccompanied minors, it has experimented with legal tools to support minors in the criminal area or neo-adults who have served sentences as minors or born or raised in Italy without a residence permit. In addition to this, it has also provided support to foreign citizens who are in critical health conditions and, in collaboration with the Waldensian Diaconia, to those who have arrived through the humanitarian corridors.